Menu Speculation and Development

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Menu Speculation and Development

Post by Eagle on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:22 pm

For now this will kind of be part of my personal notes on the matter, when we expand on the ideas and have a clearer idea on what we actually want to do, we'll make a new thread(sticky) to post that.

Any idea(s) on menu design is welcome here.

-On character selection-

Have the standard 4 panel selection tool with something like "Select your pilot" above/below the four "portraits" themselves. As for the portraits, I don't feel like it'd be too difficult to animate them doing some sort of mundane act while the player decides.

Introductory animations will then go into a loop (examples below)

It's a shot outside the fated bar (door closed) it's twilight. He walks outside and lights up a cigarette, looking off screen briefly then puffing a cigarette, he's very conflicted and this should be visible from the way he is constantly looking down.
If he is selected, he stares at the cigarette and flicks it off into the night, then goes back into the bar after muttering something like "Let's get this over with, then."

A shot of a chair with a large HeavySuit (SHP's mech?) in the background. There is a little desk beside the chair with a few glowing vials on it, partially cutoff from view. He sits in the chair and sets a glass and a bottle down, then pours a bit and slowly sips it, also with the same disdain as Eagle.
If he is selected, he finishes his entire drink, stares for a quick second then gets up. (I don't know what he says but he should say something.)

(I'm really undecided about this one in particular.)
A shot of a filthy bathroom mirror and the sink. Falcon enters frantically.
Maybe he's looking in the mirror and checking his eyes. Perhaps he looks a little paranoid while doing it. We can see a few faint horrific hallucinations he's having and then he blinks them out.
If he is selected he might splash some water in is face and leave in a rush. "Shit, not right now." or the like. (I don't have a handle on his vernacular yet.)

(I'm going to make one up on the spot so you can see what I'm going for.)
A shot of a balcony and a beautiful day (I imagine this at dusk)  the balcony overlooks a large city. Serpent walks over to the balcony and leans over it.
Serpent is leaning over a balcony (he has the mask on at this point.) he reaches one of his hands up slowly running his fingers over his own face and looking out to the horizon.
If he is selected. In silence he makes a fist, clenches it, and punches the railing, denting it.

This is the first time anyone will see our characters in game and must have a profound effect upon the player themselves. While we'll probably skip through these animations, let's not forget what kind of power they might hold for shaping the view of them.

-On the parts ordering system (needs a new name) / Also known as the upgrade system-
I won't go through most of this, just the menu part. I'll reference the original idea HERE.

So this is how we could show everyone's cockpit. We run and animation loop in the background while they are in communications with the part vendor (SHP)

Sitting lackadaisically in his chair with a sort of bored depression over him. He doesn't move much and all of his main cameras are turned off. His cockpit is illuminated with the glow of his comm device which he is slowly flipping through. (On loop)

Since we are doing the voice work ourselves, we could even record instances of something like.
"Let me get -- of --" "10" "20 point" (maybe that's an ammunition slang for them)
"Yeah thanks."  

-shp"you don't have enough credits for that.."

"Ah, screw you too." *hangs up*
(the user backs out of the menu)
(the user opens the menu again in the same instance)

*calls again*
"Nevermind that, Let me get -- of -- "

Anyways. Please share your thoughts.

Everyone could talk differently. It'd be a great way to force a showcase of their story/personality.

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