THB - Character Skillset ideas (old notes)

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THB - Character Skillset ideas (old notes)

Post by Eagle on Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:55 pm

Misc – Finisher moves? (During BM)?

LIO – Claws/knuckles + minigun (infi)
[crowd control focus; boosted artillery damage?]
Knockback upgrade on physical attacks).
Super Armor. (upgrade in steps 1, 3, 5, 8, 10?)
CC: slow snare stun silence(emp) fear (virus)
BM: Roars at the end of the beast max phase to damage all enemies on screen. (Or to add a damage multiplier stack)

EAG – Odachi
Double Jump + glide
Plasmal lacing, (Etheral+ physical simultaneously)
Plasma blade upgrade
Bonus crit on weak points. (+20%)
Sharpshooter/sniper tree for crits + railgun,
elemental tree for ethereal/physical switching.

FAL – Katars + Drones (Saboteur+Support)
High jump + quick glide
Plasma lasers, slows, sniper shots
Low HP, melee for stun for escaping, gravity reduction+ floating effect
Mount drones with plasma blades, long CD regen skill 3 to 5 groups
[drones: Set formations via button input and directional command] [Laser + Dive attacks]
[destructible, reset on timer; 1 at a time until capped at 3] start 1 at Lv1 2 at Lv10 3 at Lv20]
[AoE splash explosion after setting them] drones lock in opponent for close combat.
BM: Super lasers on drones. (Able to change patterns)

SER – Dual Chain Sword. + Snake bite fists.
Dash function; high melee capability; parry; block break; shadow step ( clone step)
After images for BM. Corrosive nanites

SHP – Spear

Sorry for the dump. I'm I'll organize it by character later. --

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